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Security Check

Home Security Check

Whether it is your new house or you just heard about burglary in your area, home security check can be vital.  With Andrew the Locksmith on your side, you can get professional advice and free quote.

Why do you need a Security Check? 

We all know that any door, safe or window can be opened. So there are another two questions behind the main one. How long it will takes and how noisy it will be. Don’t make it easy for burglars. Being burgled is a scarring experience. It’s not just the financial cost of replacing stolen items, but also the emotional impact of feeling violated after a burglar has been in your home. It is very important to get professional advice. Andrew the Locksmith can suggest the best security solutions for your property, needs and budget.

Andrew the Locksmith

Caution is the parent of safety.

Look around your property and think about how you would break in if you locked yourself out. It could be surprisingly easy. Stop looking around, get professional advice from Andrew the Locksmith.

British Standard locks

Choosing the right lock is crucial for securing your property. When upgrading your property security I always recommend to choose high security British standard locks. I provide British Standard mortice locks, cylinders and nightlatches. A British Standard lock is an absolute must for the security and protection of your property. I can suggest the best lock for your doors, needs and budget. I only install the highest quality locks made by the leading manufacturers in the industry.

Master Locksmith Harrow

Independent Locksmith in Harrow.

I work independently and I will be able to access your problem by phone as well as by coming out to you. My customers rate me 5* in Google. And I don’t charge call out fees. I am fast, efficient, qualified and friendly. Started my business in Harrow and now I cover all surroundings areas including Brent, Ealing, Hillingdon, Barnet, Hertsmere, Watford, Three Rivers.